Droge verzadigde stoomgenerator


Droge verzadigde stoomgenerator


  • Thanks to their small sizes, our steam generators can be used for the most different purposes, such as vacuum systems (for ex. autoclaves).
  • Available power: from 2.000W up to 9.000W
  • Pressure: max. 6 atm. (only on request, higher pressures)
  • Voltage: 110V – 230V – 240V – 400V – 415V

Dry saturated Steam generator properties

In the following conditions:

  • Must result in a vessel (12L) filled with steam under pressure of maximally 2.4 Bar (138 Celsius)Minimal system pressure is minus 0,85 Bar

The requirements of dry saturated steam generator are:

  • The generator should comply to ASME section VIII
  • The maximal pressure should be 4 Bar (1520 Celsius) (safety valve allows 5 Bar)
  • Maximum power should be 1,7 KW (230 V)
  • the water volume should be 0.05L.
  • The chamber must not leak steam, demi-water or air until maximum pressure is reached
  • There may not be corroded by any of the materials mentioned above
  • Must have a life cycle of at least 3000 cycles of sterilization (degradation)
  • The system will also be subject to vacuum
  • This generator should be produced in batches of 25 with a yearly amount of 6000.
  • Production will last for approximately 10 years.