QCE Quarter Curved Element 150 – 250 watt


Long wave Ceramic infrared heating elements
QCE 150 Watt

•Mean Surface Temperature: 440 Celsius
•Approximate Time Until Top Temperature: 8 minutes
•Average Weight: 70 grams
•Dimensions: 60 × 55 × 40mm
•Wave Length: 2 to 10 Microns
•Electrical Power Loading: 4.1 W/cm 2 (21.7 W/inch 2)

QCE 250 Watt

•Mean Surface Temperature: 592 Celsius
•Approximate Time Until Top Temperature: 8 minutes
•Average Weight: 79 grams
•Dimensions: 60 × 55 × 40mm
•Wave Length: 2 to 10 Microns
•Electrical Power Loading: 6.8 W/cm 2 (43.5 W/inch 2)
Please note other wattage/voltage configurations available on request.

Ceramic Heating Technology

1.Using Long wave radiation for curing heating and drying is an environmentally friendly, portable and cost effective method of heating. They have a cast-in iron-chrome aluminium resistance wire which operate in the temperature range of 300 Celsius to 730 Celsius.
2.The glazed ceramic surface protects the heating coil from the risk of corrosion or chemical attack. Ceramic elements operate in the temperature of 300 Celsius to 730 Celsius producing an IR wavelength on the 2 to 10 micron range. Most plastics and many other materials absorb IR best in this range. Which makes the ceramic heater the most efficient IR radiant emitter on the market.
3.A range of aluminised steel reflectors are also available to ensure that most of the radiation generated is reflected forward on to the target area.
Standard Features

1.Iron-chrome aluminium resistance wire.
2.Heater Voltage: 230 Volts standard.(other voltages available on request)
3.Heater Wavelength range 2 to 10 microns.
4.UL approved
5.Recommended radiation distance from heater is 150mm to 200 mm.
6.Average Operating Life: 5,000 to 10,000 Hours.
7.Supplied with 100mm to 10mm ceramic beaded power leads.
Options Available:

Wire Termination

1.Standard (ferrule)
2.Ring Termination
3.Contact Ceramicx for other
4.possible terminations.

1.Thermocouple Type J
2.Thermocouple Type K

1.Standard (white)
5.Other Possibilities On Request.

CAD File: QCE-Model.pdf